The Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation

Making a Difference

In 1954, Pat Fletcher became the first Canadian in 40 years to win the Canadian Open and maintained that title for almost 70 years. His legend lives on through The Pat Fletcher Foundation, created to help students make a difference in the world. 

His victory changed history.

Now his foundation changes lives.

Featured Recipient

Introducing Jaxx Keeler. He is enrolled in Professional Golf Management program at Humber College in Toronto, ON.  Jaxx is currently completing his co-op semester work placement at the Cliff, Cabot Cape Breton as a Golf Operations Attendant.

Par 3 – 16th Hole at the Cabot Cliffs golf course (#CabotCliffs) in Inverness, Cape Breton, NS (@cabotcapebreton).


As a former beneficiary of The Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation, I can say without a doubt that this Organization made an enormous difference in my life. I can’t say enough about the people involved, especially the Fletcher family who’s kindness and generosity allowed me to chase my dreams. I’ll be forever grateful.

Craig Matthew
Ohio State University Alumni


Without the support of the Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation, I would not have been able to play university golf and receive a top-notch education, both have which have built the foundation for my future.

David Williamson
Past Recipeint


"I'm honored to have been a past recipient of support from the Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation. It is especially meaningful for me now as I give back to our sport in a professional capacity at Golf Canada."

Kevin Blue, Chief Sport Officer at Golf Canada
Toronto, ON
Stanford University Alumni


"The Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation helped me follow my dreams of playing collegiate golf while continuing my educational endeavors in the United States at Michigan State University. That laid the foundation for a 16 year coaching career and staying connected with the sport of golf. It is an honor to be a former recipient and testament to the hard work of the Foundation that they continue to help young student-athletes chase their dreams."

Lorne Don, Co-owner of One Brass Ring LLC
New Orleans, Louisiana
Michigan State University Alumni


“The assistance from the Pat Fletcher Foundation helped me pursue a successful education having attended John Abbott College and then on to graduating from the University of Oklahoma.  I am very thankful for all their support and opportunities that were made available to me.”

Lisa Meldrum, Head Teaching Professional
Toronto, ON
University of Oklahoma Alumni


“The Pat Fletcher foundation is led by an incomparable family of kind souls and bright minds, who have devoted their expertise and resources to supporting the dreams of hundreds of young golfers in Canada. I cannot say enough good things about the scholarship program, nor the people who run the foundation. Hats off to such a wonderful initiative, and by demonstrating this generosity they act as a call to action for all of us to be our best selves…"

Jon Roy, PGA of Canada Class “A” Professional
Uxbridge ON
Found of Golf Performance Coaches


“As a current and past recipient of the Pat Fletcher Scholarship, I am deeply grateful to the Foundation for helping me to achieve my goal of playing golf at a high level while attending university. As a current student at Simon Fraser University, studying, practicing and competing in NCAA golf is demanding and the generous support provided has helped to allow me to focus without working at a part time job through the school year. "

Jordan Bean
Simon Fraser University


"The Pat Fletcher Foundation has been very instrumental in my education. Their generous support has alleviated the financial strain that accompanies post-secondary education, allowing me more time to focus on my academic success to obtain my Bachelor of Science and forge ahead towards my Doctor of Optometry. It is people like the Fletcher family and their Foundation that provide opportunities for many individuals who may never be able to pursue their hopes and dreams, and for that, I thank the Pat Fletcher Foundation from the bottom of my heart."

Tenesha Pompu
University of Saskatchewan


"The support from the Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation has allowed me to achieve a high-level university education while alleviating the financial stress that such education can cause. Thank you for the tremendous amount of generosity. "

Landon Sosnowski
University of Saskatchewan


"Pursuing a university education comes at a price...With The Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation's continued support I have been able to pay for university and set myself on a successful path for my future."

Kavith Ranchagoda
McMaster University

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